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Practical advice for artists


Practical information for visual artists about the general selection guidelines and requirements:

This section provides you with some useful information such as acceptable formats for submissions, how to submit, what the different kinds of competitions are, some general rules about competitions, about how to present an artist statement, or the resume/bio, what the fees are paying for etc…

About art competitions:

Art competitions are very useful in the career of an artist.  The selection process conducted through curators and art professionals guarantee the quality of chosen participants.

In our database you will find many calls for art competitions. An art competition is a way for a gallery to gain exposure to a broad range of new artists as well as to raise operational funds from the entry fees (to edit invitations, catalogues, press releases etc..) The competition is a lifesaver for many art institutions.

Art is the embodiment of culture and speculation. We see it art in different incarnations and media. About everything can be outlined as 'art ' if it can be experienced or visualised. Many art critics agree that appreciation of art is hard wired into the brain. If one comes from an alienated parental relationship or from a dysfunctional lifestyle, that person would probably be more appreciative of surrealist paintings and quirky objects. And, somebody with a goal-oriented attitude derived from advanceloan.net would rather start positive interest on paintings of real-world objects. Unarguably, folks today associate the value of a painting to its cost. Our material world has ultimately swept up for our appreciation of art. For folk who've got a private craving to be showed on canvas, they can commission a painter to accomplish the job, or if they are by themselves, talented at painting, they can make a self-portrait. What's to be actually appreciated about handmade art though , particularly paintings and sculptures, is that the human mind may simply be capable of showing the art to public viewing if he / she made the art out of inspiration. In the U. S. alone, there are virtually 2 hundred widely-recognized local, regional and countrywide, art setups. The art capital of the world, Paris, has the greatest number of artists completing live portraits and sculptures at streetlevel. Interested consumers may request to have themselves drawn on canvas or pick from a hanging choice of that artist's work, without the trouble of being taxed. Steve Wynn - who's made his fortune cashing in on resorts, hostels, and casinos in Vegas - holds one of the largest collections of famous paintings done by Cezanne, Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol to cite a couple. MadeItMyself provides unending probabilities for the folks that love art and originality and desire to make a decent living from their various trades.

There are several kinds of competitions you can enter:

- competitions held by an artist-owned, and alternative exhibition space, and artist-run   co-operative, or a non-profit organization or a museum.
- competitions held by privately-owned, profit-oriented galleries.
- competitions held by galleries that rent linear feet of wall space to artists and/or charge the artist exhibition fees if he gets accepted to exhibit.


If you are selected for a “competition”:

Artists are in most cases responsible for shipping and insurance during transit. The work must be suitably framed if applicable, and ready for hanging or installation.


About the fees:

The entry fee is not just a fee, it is a donation which contributes to the continuing existence of the gallery/art center etc…. Most gallery owners are not making large profits from art competitions.


About the artist statement:

The purpose of the artist statement is to introduce his work to the viewer. It is a description of the artistic interest, intent for the body of work presented, previous artistic history, and the context in which the work should be considered. The artist statement should be written in the first-person and not be an autobiography. It has to be concise and clear and focused on one or two significant technical or conceptual aspects of the work, making an obvious relationship to the slides/visuals submitted. The idea is to discuss symbols and metaphors, materials and techniques, themes and issues underlying the work (“this series is based on…”)


About the artist bio:

The chosen form for an artist bio should be to introduce the artist as if written by another person. Information can include art studies and degrees, place of birth and residency, exhibition exposure, travel if relevant, mediums, art awards, fellowships, art-residencies, press coverage, publication of articles or books related to art, art-related teaching. It should be avoided to include personal information to keep the bio strictly professional.


About the "current resume":

The “resume” is different to the artist bio. It introduces the complete list of solo and group exhibitions performed by an artist in the past years.


The slides/transparencies:

The slides are not transparencies. Slide formats for submission are always 35mm slides and not transparencies. If there is a fee for a minimum number of slides and a charge for additional slides, send only the minimum. Many artists spend a lot of money to send whole sheets of slides thinking it will increase their chances; in fact this has the opposite effect. The slides are the only thing you have to represent your work. Slides must be perfect.

Important: the initial weeding-out phase of any competition jury is done with a light box, not a projector. Make sure that your slides are of good quality and easy to read.


About submissions formats:

When you send visuals on a CD-Rom, make sure that your CD-Rom is readable on PCs as well as on Macs.

 To see all the different subscription options, whether you are an individual or an institution, please click on


What do you necessarily mean from the phrase calligraphy? Is it the kind of artwork utilized for announcements and marriage ceremony cards or various other essential documents? Is it necessary any skills of composing? Certainly, it is actually the mix of art designing using the writing practice. Lots of persons can understand this effortless occupation by just using guidance from their mates or instructors.

A lot of steps are involved in learning practice. The first phase could be to gather supplies needed for it. Do not assume that have a pencil inside your hand in addition to a bit of paper for that first time and produce an exquisite structure of the image. Obtain these items from the nearby retailer or nearby shop to get started on the mastering method.

The materials needed are pencils, erasers, rulers and a few pages. These all materials are demanded in your case every time when you do artwork work but ruler will not be demanded if you commence proceeding further more because it really is only for tracing and outlining, whenever you develop into an expert or perhaps a medium professional than you won't need it.

What are the far more issues demanded for that art operate? These are typically pens, inks and papers. Use heavier paper as opposed to standard paper and make sure that your paper is acid no cost.

Which type of pen need to we use for our art operate? There are lots of varieties of pen utilized for this purpose. The best choice would be of flat suggestion pen.

The pens applied for calligraphy have numerous pins out there used for drawing modest lines or greater lines depending on the application where they are really applied. Will not use widespread ink for the reason that you will discover specific ink readily available for this objective known to us as permanent ink.

Have you ever received all of the components required for art function? Certainly, than go and begin your first drawing. There are instructional guides obtainable which tutorial you along with the DVD's also that can assist you in mastering the skills demanded for creating and creating.

It really is one of the most popular saying that function really hard follow a lot more and obtain the fruit for you personally. Immediately after practicing for long your skills will probably be perfected and than after that you simply get started selecting the perform.
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